Once upon a time when someone wanted decking outside their homes they would quickly purchase wood decking to cater for their needs, however a new and improved decking solution is now available in the form of composite deck boards.  Composite decking is an upcoming flooring solution that is set to take over, with more and more people choosing it each day! Designed to deliver incredible durability, easy maintenance and lasting beauty – Composite decking is so great because is offer all the beauty of wood without the hassles of its tedious upkeep. Today we are going to be listing five advantages that composite decking has over traditional wood decking, so if you are looking to learn more about the highly beneficial decking material, keep on reading…


Composite decking is designed for maximum durability; it is super strong and able to withstand heavy weights. Composite decking also resists fading, staining, scratching and mold and does not rot crack or warp, making it much more superior than other flooring solutions currently available on the market. Composite deck boards are also splinter-free and insect-proof, making composite decking the ultimate flooring for those with children and pets.


Composite decking is really easy to care for and can be cleaned with soap and water. Composite decking is not only easy to clean but it is also solid and does not require sanding, staining or painting. Because composite decking is so easy to care for it also comes with long warranty that is very attractive.


Composite decking is incredibly attractive and is made to look just like real wood, featuring wood grain patterns and beautiful rich colors.  Another great thing about composite decking is that is is available in an incredibly vast range of colours and styles making it possible for all to find options that they can fall in love with.


Composite decking is eco-friendly, made using recycled content, including reclaimed industrial wood scraps and recycled plastic from common plastic items shopping bags and newspaper sleeves.


Composite decking may cost slightly more than traditional decking and other available flooring solutions such as tarmac but it is low lasting and doesn’t incur high maintenance costs which in the long run can make composite decking one of the most affordable flooring options.

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