A house with good energy efficiency saves 40% in energy, and sometimes many of the improvements are in our hands. Below is a list of features a resourceful energy house should contain.


Installing double-glazed windows and carpentry with thermal bridge breakage is convenient. Also, the roller shutter boxes should be conveniently insulated. Closing blinds and curtains at night prevent significant heat losses. Experienced firms like windows and doors Etobicoke can professionally have them fixed for you.

Protection in Windows and Doors

Window carpentry should insulate both cold and heat. Special plastic adhesive sheets can be utilized to aid minimize heat losses (if placed inside) or gains (if placed outdoors).

Save Hot Water and Energy

Systems with hot water accumulation are more resourceful than those of instantaneous production and without accumulation. It is important that the accumulators and hot water distribution pipes are well insulated.

Taps and Push Buttons

In bathrooms and kitchens, it is more ideal to change the independent faucets of hot and cold water with a single-lever mixer. In the WC, the systems of double or partial discharge in the tanks save a big amount of water.

Maintenance of Heating

The air inside the radiators makes it difficult to transfer heat from the hot water down to the exterior, so it’s prudent to thoroughly clean this air at least once a year, at the beginning of summer. Nor should you cover the radiators because it is different from the diffusion of hot air. Do not wait for the equipment to break down. By doing proper maintenance of the individual boiler, you can save 15% energy.


Whenever possible, we must take vantage of eco lighting. Light colors in walls and ceilings absorb natural lighting better.

Artificial light

Replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving lamps, conserve up to eighty percent of energy and stay eight times longer. Electronic lamps stay longer than ordinary low consumption lamps and can withstand a greater number of on and off times. And in places where illumination is necessary for indefinite hours, such as kitchens, it is recommended to utilize fluorescent tubes. Energy regulators of electronic type (not of rheostat) are also energy-saving.

Air conditioner

You have to be advised by professionals and adjust to a temperature reaching 24 degrees Celsius. When the air is turned on, it is not necessary to adjust it to a lower temperature than normal because it won’t cool the house faster and the cooling could be an immoderate and unneeded expense

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