The lighting designs hold a major key to your interiors. If you’re refurbishing the old house or planning for an all new interior lighting design for your new property, visiting Nemo lighting can be a rewarding experience. Here, you can explore the trending light designs and the way they have decorated the interiors of the studio is simply enticing.

So, let’s explore some of the trending interior lighting designs—

Play with more soft gold

In the recent past, it is noticed that the light colors are taking over the dark solids. Matching to it, the lights are also installed. On the beige or soft white or cream walls, the soft golden hanging lights or chandeliers are making the rooms brighter. You can stick to more gold and silver while choosing the lighting fixtures.

Vintage bulbs of Edison style are back

The latest trend of light is pulling back the retro style of Edison bulbs. Though now the vintage bulbs are taken over by the LED lights, but only if you’re a fan of the retro style of lighting or anything else when it comes to enhancing your interiors.

Simple lines are more welcoming

You may not be an admirer of the vintage chandeliers with minute work on the glass. For you, there are simple line chandeliers and lights that you can easily install for the kitchen and living areas. These lights are also widely installed in the study areas of the houses.The LEDs are getting the whole market

Are you fed up of the increased monthly rental on your electric bills? If you can save your electricity bills what more you want? Study says that compared to the traditional lights, LEDs use approximately 75% less energy but last 25 times more than the conventional bulbs. This proved that the lights consume 75 % less electricity too. Therefore, using LED lights can be both moneysaving and energy saving at the same time.

The Flexibility in Design

The LED lights have the capability of changing shapes, colors and can be modeled into any new design as you want.

Install safe lights

LEDs such as spot led gu10 glow at a very low temperature. If you think of adjusting the light during your house party, you can easily get up and touch the bulb without feeling any heat in the hand. Compared to that, the traditional lights easily burn up.

You can try out these ideas for interior lighting designs.

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