Many old homes and buildings still have considerable amount of asbestos, which can pose many health and other relevant concerns. Asbestos removal isn’t the viable idea for many commercial or residential properties, simply because this is a high-risk job, which can be handled by only a few known and licensed contractors. In the UK, it is highly likely that homes built before 2000 have some form of the material. Instead of removal, a better idea is to go for asbestos encapsulation. In this post, we will discuss some of the aspects in detail.

Why go for asbestos encapsulation?

If you go for asbestos roof encapsulation by Impervius, the company will use proprietary sealants that will trap and seal damaged asbestos fibres. The process is a simple one, and although it requires time, that will be still less than the time and effort required for removal. No additional permissions are required, and the time is usually dependent on the size of the roof. Some companies often also use drones to get access to roofs that don’t have direct stairs or lift. With asbestos encapsulation, general degradation can be prevented considerably, as well, and you can also get a look for the roof. As for the cost, it depends on the roof size, but will be cheaper than removal. There is minimal disruption to the daily chores of your business, and the work can be done as per your requested schedule.

Working with a company

Before giving a nod for asbestos roof encapsulation, start by understanding the procedure and the kind of products they are using for sealing the material. It is also a good idea to get the estimate, which is usually decided on a bespoke basis, depending on the size of the roof and work involved. Some companies may charge a tad more for offering warranty on the job, which is worth considering. With good sealants, you don’t have to worry about asbestos health hazards and frequent repairs, at least for 20 years or more.

Knowing the company involved in asbestos encapsulation is more than important. Check if they have good reviews online, whether the company is quick with response and is willing to offer transparent prices. It is also important to find more about their expertise, and if needed, you can ask for references. Make sure that the work is done within the estimate deadline, which must be mentioned in the contract. If any discount has been promised, the same must be mentioned on paper.

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