Home foundations that settle can cause damages to a house including bulging walls, uneven floors and problematic windows and doors. A foundation will sink if the soil it sits on has a high clay content which causes it to expand and contract. As settling is nearly always uneven, it causes foundation issues and damage to a home.

How Home Foundations Settle

Over time, the soil will move as the weather changes. In some cases, expansive clay soils are a big issue. This is because they tend to swell if they absorb moisture and contract when extremely hot and dry. Foundations can also be impacted by a serious drop in temperature. They can settle an inch or sink more than four to five inches when not addressed.

Foundations can weaken and sink because of big volumes of water. If there is an abundance of water around the foundation, the foundation may experience a heaving. If this occurs, the foundation is forced upwards. This is the reason drainage system installations should resolve foundation problems. Although you may not be able to control the kind of soil beneath your home’ structure, you can control the amount of water which can penetrate the soil. In some cases, sump pumps and surface drains might be necessary to stop issues which impact concrete slab as well as pier and beam foundations. For concrete, concrete raising Houston might also be a required service.

Apart from weather and soil, landscaping can also cause foundation issues. Big shrubs and tree roots need a significant amount of moisture to stay alive. Moist soils situated close to a home’s edge or underneath the slab offer plenty of water. As the root system drains the extra moisture, the slab will settle. This requires you to contact a concrete foundation repair professional.

Repairing a Sinking Foundation

Foundation repair professionals know the best way to fix a sinking foundation, depending on the type of foundation built. But, usually, they install foundation piers. Piers are pushed into the ground all the way down to bedrock. If the piers are in place, the foundation will be able to rest on top of them. Many pier and beam homes are repaired with block and base supports. A foundation repair contractor will tell you what you need to level your home again. Regardless of the foundation you have, you have to prevent the problem from getting worse and making you spend lots of money for the repair.

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